Bette is 75!


We have Sunday night dinner with the extended Martin family every Sunday night from 5-7pm. There are 4 households that we’ve dubbed the DC Martins and we rotate in a very casual manner, everyone seems to sense when it’s their turn to host. We are the newest members of the DC Martins, having arrive here in 2007, but surprisingly, these dinners started only a few months before we got here. I remember the first six months we were here and both of us jobless and looking sad at each other all day, these Sunday night dinners were an anchor for us. Something to look forward to and something to hang our hats on as the weeks passed us by with maddeningly slow job news.  Whenever my parents (the Lees) are in town, sometimes they join in and sometimes they host.  It’s really a lot of fun.  Most of the time, people cook dinner which range from spaghetti, to fancy seafood with fancy sauces, but everyone has hosted a dinner where pizza or Chinese food was called in.


Of course, there are always birthdays and celebrations, and we’ve never gone out to a restaurant.  We’ve always fielded special requests for dinner or dessert.  Until this past Sunday.  We all took Bette out to celebrate her 75th at Founding Farmers.  We bought flowers and a pirate balloon.  And Jeremy ordered a flight of beer – so I drove home.  We all had a good time.  Of course, I don’t have a photo of Bette, I ended up giving my camera to Vince who took pictures of his nostrils.


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