Boy scout initiation.


Vince has graduated from Cub Scouts and now has joined Boy Scouts.  He went on his first camping trip this weekend, two nights away from us, Friday night and Saturday night.  He learned to shoot a rifle, a shotgun and a compound bow.  I think he also learned how to make a funnel cake and that he has the smelliest feet in the whole troop.  I was pretty happy that he spent more than 24 hours in a row away from any electronics.  The fact that we traded Minecraft for a rifle is a little amusing to me.  He brought home the target that he used for practice.  I do wish that someday I have a chance to shoot clay pigeons. 


The families were invited to the campsite on Friday evening where they cooked dinner for us and initiated the new boys into the troop.  There was a bonfire and scouts dress up as Indians.  The troop goes camping every month, should be a good chance to get messy and smelly.  You can see him in the photo below wearing my purple sweatshirt with the bright orange accents. With his long hair and my sweatshirt, if you took a quick look at him, you might think that he was me.  A much younger me for sure!




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