I’ve been trying since the beginning of the year to get to the middle of the normal range for my BMI, which is (to me) an incredibly small weight of 123 pounds. I have not weighed that little since Edda was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome over 7 years ago now. And that was not the healthiest way to lose weight – I basically stopped eating due to all the stress around me. Around Thanksgiving of last year, I weighed 140 which made my pants just too tight and I coincidentally started taking a nutrition class as a pre-req for nursing school which was amazing and made me want to eat better and feed the family kale and liver. Anyways, with all the running and the eating well, I’m down to about 131 which is great, I never weighed this little and felt happy at the same time. I’ve really never been in better shape in my life than I am now.

I’d still like to lose another 5-7 pounds, but about a month ago, after running 10 miles in the Cherry Blossom, I’ve just started eating so much! And so many sweets. And once I start, it’s hard to stop eating a lot. Also I’m running a lot training for the half marathon, so I’m just constantly hungry. I just have to remind myself to eat more veggies and lean meats and not something like a pear tart I just had 15 minutes ago.

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