OK! OK, so maybe someday we can take Edda hiking in the Rockies. We’ve come up with a chariot design for her wheelchair and we have to find a good old wheelchair to convert to a mountain hiking machine.

Did I mention that I’m training for a half marathon? Somehow in the past year or so, I’ve become a pretty serious running. Serious meaning that I get up at 5:30 am to go running at 5:45 am in the cold and dark of winter. I can only do this because I have a good pal a few houses down and we get each other up and going. Anyways, we started to do some neighborhood races, 5Ks and then 10Ks and finally a few weeks ago, the Cherry Blossom 10 miler.


We walked not a single step of this crazy race and we did well considering that for the few weeks before the race, I had gotten really sick and basically stopped running for three weeks. So since we did so well at the 10 miler and it’s only another 3 miles to do the half marathon, we are training for it now. We’ll do it in a few weeks.


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