Blackout dinner.


Did I mention that Jeremy’s been gone all week? I’m exhausted, I’ve been working, taking midterms for two classes, and trying to manage the last week of school for the kids. And (!) I’ve been running by myself which is terrible. Because Jeremy’s been gone, I haven’t been able to run at 5:45 am with my running buddy because she needs to be on her commute at about 7 am, so I go running at 7 or so and it’s so much less fun without a friend.

 It’s Friday, I’m ready for bed. After the tornado last night, we went to Vince’s promotion ceremony which made me cry in a good way. And then we headed back to the house. The weather was cool and dry, the storm had driven out much of the stickiness of the day.  We lit some candles and had leftover spaghetti and some watermelon. I forget how nice quiet (real quiet) can be. We also played with my camera a little.




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