Feeling lucky!

Vince got promoted from 5th grade on Thursday night.  I guess since the tornado only went down our street and didn’t down trees in the whole vicinity and since the high school still had power, they decided to go on with the ceremony.  Vince had a great year, here are his teachers, I give them a lot of credit in educating my son, especially Mr. Thanos who had to deal with Vince’s inability to spell. 


Vince sang a solo in the musical portion of the program.  And the best part was when they showed baby pictures of the kids and everyone tried to guess who they were before their name popped up on the screen.  I know so many of the boys (none of the girls yet – although I’m sure that will change in a few years) and it was so wonderful to see them as babies.  I just want to snuggle with them all ten years ago and smell that baby smell! 


One thought on “Feeling lucky!”

  1. Man am I glad you guys are okay. I saw the big T on the news. Any tornado is scary. Congrats to Vince. It up to the sky for him. No limits.

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