Cardboard city.

I do all my non-grocery shopping online. Clothes, exercise machines, diapers, greeting cards, gardening plants, and even prescription eyeglasses, I order all this online. I find that it’s faster and cheaper and I don’t ever have to step foot in a shopping mall ever and no salesman need to approach me asking if I need any help. For the past year, I’ve saved all my cardboard boxes in the basement. Jeremy often looks at the pile and sighs. I’ve been saving it because once a year, the high school kids at the church raise $ and awareness for homelessness by building some shelters out of cardboard boxes and spend the night camping out in them.

Today was the big day, the day Jeremy has been waiting for. The day that all the cardboard boxes leave the house.   Apparently this is why I bought a minivan.  To move a years worth of cardboard boxes around town. I’m hoping I get a photo of the cardboard house they are going to build out of these boxes.



2 thoughts on “Cardboard city.”

  1. Oh Doris the photo of Kiki and Vince is just so touching. It almost made me cry. I too would like to see a photo of the homeless cardboard city if you get a chance. Edda and I are on the same page with summer heat.

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