Saki night


Kiki is here for just a moment before she is off to Sweden and then Russia. I wish we could have shown her a better time, things are both hectic and very boring with work and school going on. Tonight we did get to go out and celebrate summer a little bit at our local sushi restaurant. Vince really likes sushi and Jeremy and Kiki both had some saki that was unfiltered. We are all keenly studying nutrition which talks about how fermented foods are beneficial to the gut. Saki is fermented, but usually alcohol is distilled which (I guess) takes away some of the nutrients, but the one we ordered was not filtered, so it was a creamy, milky white.

Vince and the rest of us were in a good mood – however, Edda did not have any of her chicken teriyaki.  My suspicion is that  she needed to poop, but when we scampered home to poop in the comfort of our own bathroom, we didn’t get anything except peals of laughter from Edda on the toilet.  It has been hot recently, which I think has sent Edda into kind of a foul mood (yesterday at school and tonight at dinner).  I hope it’s not something that lasts all summer like last year!


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