Edda and I found ourselves inadvertently at an Italian restaurant on the side of Hwy 95 in Virginia on Saturday afternoon.  It’s really a long story why Edda and I found ourselves alone and so far from home.  I don’t like to drive and this trip just made me never want to leave the 2 square miles around my house.  There are a lot of people within 2 square miles of the house and a grocery store there is really no reason I ever have to leave.  We had a very leisurely lunch which included a nice slice of tiramisu which I think may be the most perfect dessert on the face of the earth. I don’t often just hang out with Edda at restaurants – we don’t really have that much to say to each other, but we both usually enjoy the food and the company. I’m always a little happily surprised at servers that we meet all the time with Edda in tow. Here she is, a large girl at kind of an upscale eating establishment, kind of flailing her hands around and catching the tablecloth with her arms and the waitress is totally helpful and understanding and acted like she dealt with this everyday.  I want to be kind and understanding all the time, but I know I often fall short of that.  I’m trying to forgive myself for my lapses in behavior.

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  1. Oh Puhleeeze. Doris, you are one of the nicest person ANYONE will ever meet. I just love having a connection with you.I'm headed to Chicago this wkend and think I'll have some tirimusu in your honor!!!

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