Going for a walk.


Vince found these five fingered shoes on sale for $30 at the clearance sale at REI. He had them for a few days and then I couldn’t resist getting a pair for my own feet. If you can believe it, we got the same size shoe and they began as the same grey color (mine has pink accents, his green), his went to a bunch of camps with him while mine just went to the Gold’s Gym in downtown Rockville.

I know there are a lot of people who run with these shoes, I tried running with them on the treadmill, but I kind of was still heel-striking and so I was making an incredible racket in the gym. WHAM, WHAM, WHAM. Luckily it was during a quiet time at the gym – not a lot of people around.  But I got self conscious enough that I started running on my toes – which is so weird. So weird.


This is Vince’s totally lazy week at home. Nothing planned for days and days. Last year, we scheduled every week for him and there was no down time, he almost cried with exhaustion. Summer should be a time to become bored he insisted.  And I do think that’s true.   I told him about the summers I would spend watching taped prime time shows in the morning and then would watch soap operas in the afternoon while eating Souffer’s French Bread pizza. Yummy!

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