U Street, Addition, Garden

Rena & I came back to Washington DC for our annual family reunion.  We enjoyed it very much.  And we will head it back to Washougal, WA after about a week and stay there until late fall.

There, we plan to add an addition to our house to include a ground-floor master bedroom and a mud room. Before coming to the east, we have already done some ground work for this addition.  Rena likes gardening and plant some veggie.  Attached pictures are:

 1)  U street house, front view
 2)  Our left front yard (facing the house)
 3)  Mark-up for our addition on the left-hand side of the existing structure (facing the house again)
 4)  Access cut-out inside the house
 5)  Rewiring internet, phone, sprinkling system, gas line (all hidden inside the L-shape wooden panel)
 6)  Relocating internet, phone, sprinkling system, gas outside the house, with old places on the left
 7)  Relocating A/C outlet to its new location (orange in color)
 8)  Climentis
 9) Roses, etc.
10)Veggie Garden
11) Rena and her proud harvest

Probably it will take us at least 2 years to build.  We plan to contract out portion of it and finish the rest ourselves.  See how it goes.  Who knows?

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