My parents are here –

My parents are here from the west coast for the first annual Lee family reunion. Reunion meaning just the four of us, Mom, Dad, me and Donald. Donald is coming into town tomorrow morning and we are picking Vince up from week-long camp tomorrow afternoon. We were going to do something more exciting, like go to Colonial Williamsburg or Great Wolf Lodge, but we decided to forgo the extra excitement, extra hassle and extra expense and just stay home and cook. So there is going to be a fishing trip where hopefully we catch some fish and crab feast and then a steak night. My mom and Donald really like fishing, so instead of spending money on hotel rooms and meals out, I figured we’d just spend it on this fishing trip..

Jeremy and I have been dieting pretty aggressively for a few month and also exercising quite a bit, so we are eating not very much these days, so this weekend will be a shock to our very little stomachs. You know when you go on a diet, the worst part is the first two weeks or so when your stomach hasn’t shrunk yet, and you are always so hungry. After a few weeks, if you eat more than the small amount you are used to, you feel full very quickly.

It has been such a quiet week without Vince around, he makes so much action and hubbub in the house that it really changes when he isn’t here. He’s gone quite a bit this summer, it’s the very beginning of him slowly leaving home and becoming his own person.

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