Last night I stayed up a little later than usual to finish a book called A Fine Balance.  It was an Oprah book many years ago – usually I go running from Oprah books (the choices sometimes seemed a little too new-agey for me), but somehow I found recommendations of this book from other sources and I found out it had 4.5 stars on Amazon so I went ahead and ordered it from this paperback trading website that I use.  It’s a long book and all the protagonists end up in dire situations at the end, but it is so beautifully written and the characters are so interesting and all the complicated plot lines are intertwined that after I finished the book, I just sighed this big sigh of sadness and melancholy.

On a happier note, today is our 15th anniversary!  Happy day to us 🙂  We had takeout pizza from our favorite pizza place and reminisced.  I hope to walk down the path of life with you for a long, long time sweetie!


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