Work Continues On Addition & Garage Sales Tools

Work Continues on addition.  There are two drain pipes installed and tested.  Mom went down to the crawling space several times with me to provide additional expertise on those drain pipes.  The blue line is the would-be floor height.  The big drain pipe in front will take sewage from the master bedroom’s bath.  The smaller one in the back will take the water from the mud room and clothes washer.  The only preparation work needs to be completed is the extension of fire sprinkler system.
Besides, we have contacted the dirt & foundation people for quote.  The dirt excavation shall have the depth at least reaching the virgin soil of the lowest point.  Then the concrete people will put the forms first, after inspection, fill the forms with concrete.  This part will be sub-contracted out.  The framing part also will be sub-contracted out too.
Last weekend, I bought lot of tools from our next door neighbor.  She probably has the most tools for garage sales than any one I have encountered.  The new big red tool is about $63.00 in Home Depot.  So, I guess I have a good deal from her.

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