Picking lettuce.


We got Edda’s new wheelchair just a few weeks ago and I have not yet had a chance to take it out for a test drive. Not that it hasn’t been used, Edda’s counselor at camp apparently became adept at driving it with one hand. Nat has taken Edda out a few times, it’s just me who hasn’t had a chance to drive Edda around. Well it’s bigger and heavier than the last wheelchair we had as Edda is also bigger and heavier – but what I’m most excited about is the nubby – air-filled tires. The front wheels lock in place and then maybe I can run around (like with sneakers and sweating) town with Edda in her wheelchair. I pushed her around the neighborhood today to find my friend’s patch of lettuce that was growing so much lettuce that seventeen million salads could be made from it. We picked some lettuce and then headed home. No running, not yet.

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