Wedding Anniversary

Today, the 22nd, is our 43rd wedding anniversary.  Rena and I got married at a cafeteria of the John Hopkins University in Baltimore.  Volunteers, most of them were our classmates, played piano, prepared reception food, baked cakes, helped us to dressed up, drove us to cafeteria, etc. The total out-of-pocket wedding expense was ~ $300.00.  Our honor moon, very exciting, enjoyable & memorable, consisted of several half-day drives to the nearby places in our used (pre-owned) yellow car (an impala).

Before Rena got her PhD in Fluid Mechanics (on Air Turbulence Flow), she was pregnant with Doris.  At that time & after, three of us all depended on Rena’s meager scholarship income.  At that time, almost no job prospect for all aerospace graduates including me – aerospace industries were in very bad shape.

Today, while celebrating our anniversary, Rena and I are very grateful to what our family consists of, especially on the human side.

Pictures below show our anniversary celebration – Rena & me with my super omelette (3 eggs) with all home-grown ingredients (tomatoes, egg plants, green peppers, spring onions, potatoes, etc) except eggs and 100% and hand-picked home-grown assorted flowers from our garden.

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