Work Continues on Room Addition

Work continues on our additional master bedroom.  Picture 1 shows two water lead lines for hot (red) and cold (white) water.  These lines will feed all water needs to the entire new master bedroom.  Picture 2 depicts the two lines bypass the house corner beams because of uncertainly about the original weight loading distributions.  To be on the safe side, it is better not drilling holes on those corner beams.  Those two lines will eventually cover up by fixtures yet to be determined.  Picture 3 shows the tapping off arrangement from the existing lines.  Each line consists of a tee and a shut-off valve.
After this one, the fire sprinkle line needs to be tapped and extended to the outside also but at a higher elevation.  It should be fairly straight forward once the tapping point is determined.
The last and most difficult preparation work is those drain lines with vents.  It needs to be investigated and tested thoroughly because it works only by gravity, nothing else.  Elevation and slope are very important, especially the elevation is not high enough.

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