Baseball at Camden Yards.

Baseball playoffs are next week? And the Orioles are out of contention?  No matter – we going going to out to the ballgame.

I got super cheap tickets to the Orioles/Blue Jay game last night (accessible seating!) and it was such a beautiful night.  Jeremy mentioned to me that he could see how enjoyable being at a baseball could be if one actually cared about baseball.  We brought Nat to show her the great American tradition – filled her with hot dogs, cotton candy and nachos.  Also attempted to get on the Jumbo Tron, but unfortunately since no one wore any appropriate team clothing, no one got on the Jumbo Tron. 





The ball field is right next to the Maryland campus with the nursing school. So we got to actually see my actual school! Very exciting. I take all of my classes at the satellite campus a few miles from the house, so I didn’t know when I’d make it to Baltimore to see the actual building.

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