Fence Posts & Preserved Wet Land

There is a local law stating that the permanent structure shall be at least 5 feet away from your neighbor.  Since we are building an addition, by checking we find out that our fence (we asked fence people to build several years) is actually about 1 foot inward from our boundary.  After talking to our neighbor, we agreed to push out the existing fence to its proper place.

Therefore, in the picture, a piece of the fence (right at back of me with marks of old fence boards) has been already pushed out.  Since it has been raining heavily recently, the rest will be completed when weather cooperates.

In addition, we just didn’t know why suddenly the Washougal City decided to clear up the wet land preserved area right at our backyard as well as its adjacent parcels (the clear out area can be seen clearly in the picture in the back too).  So, I worked hard during the rain to make our backyard a bit nicer by putting a lot of 4×4 posts for a retention wall to house the future excavation dirt from the addition to level the ground.

See, even in the heavy rain pour, I was fairly well-equipped.

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