Tomb Sweeping, Cinder Cone (Lassen National Park), Mt. Shasta & Our Trip

The main purpose of our trip down to Los Angeles was to pay respect to my parents – tomb sweeping (see first photo).  Of course my parents and I had differences on many things.  But,without their insistence on my education, among many other things, probably I would not be what I am today.  My feeling on this only gets stronger and stronger as time passing by.

The second photo shows the Cinder Cone of the Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA from far and the base.  The third and the fourth photos were taken on the top.  The last picture has the background of top portion of Mt. Shasta, CA.

The climbing to the Cinder Cone was quite unique – it was very sandy and difficult to climb.  Essentially it was 3 steps forward with 1 step slipping backward.  Sands and gravels were every where.  It was fun though.  The cone was very smooth and breath-taking.

Besides tomb sweeping, in summary, our trip also consisted of ~2,400 miles of driving, two dinners with relatives, one luncheon with classmates, climbing two mountains, one night sleeping inside the car at a rest area as well as casino and shopping trips along the way.  These all happened within 7 consecutive days. Don’t know when Rena and I will be able do it again, especially physically.

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