To be – as it is.

It’s so hard to find things that Edda likes to do.  We take her lots of places, but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t spend hours a day pacing in front of Dora the Explorer videos.  It really is her preferred activity – I can almost hear the sigh of relief after a long car ride or vacation when she comes home and finds her TV just the way she left it.  And really, I would like to indulge Edda’s every whim, but everything else in the whole world seems not as satisfying as a good Dora theme song.  I suppose it is not unlike Vince’s desire to play Minecraft, nor my desire to take a nap everyday at 1:30 pm.  This year, in a fit of just-do-it-ness, I emailed around to sign Edda up for adaptive swimming classes and was ever hopeful that this was going to be the activity that Edda would love (I have gotten many positive reports from camp of Edda’s love for swimming, but the whole tedium of getting her in/out swimsuits in a wet (danger – slip and fall hazard) and public changing room and the constant fear of pooping in the pool and thus shutting the pool down for high bacteria counts has me a little overwhelmed) – but alas, I got the email back that said that Edda would not be a “good fit” for the program.

I realize that I’m doing the same thing with Vince, somehow his love of Minecraft suppresses his love for anything else – today I drove him to a trampoline class (have you seen the craziness that is Olympic trampolining?) in hopes of an activity that will stick to him for longer than a season – but we observed the class which was as expected, a bunch of tiny 6 year old girls just jumping up and down on three small trampolines in an underwhelming gym.  At least he was game enough to come check it out with me.

Here’s Edda outside school today enjoying the beautiful summer/fall weather.  I think it’s enough really.  I want it to be enough.

Edda today

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