Roadside Hilton

Yesterday, after family dinner at Los Angeles, we went back to grandppa’s house.   The house was fairly disorganized with things everywhere and the weather was hot.  Aunt Liz tried to clear and clean up one room for us to stay.  But,  there was too much to do.  We decided to check into a local hotel instead.  After, all things were done, we found out the hotel room A/C didn’t work well enough. We decided to take off and drove up north to San Francisco and along the way, we would stop and check in hotel that we could find.  Guess what, after checking five hotels (two holidays inn and three best westerns), they all were sold out.

It was 10:30 PM already.  So, we decided to check in to our Road Side Hilton instead – in our car, at the rest area and facing the rest room with plenty of street lights.  Of course, there were a lot of “us” there.  I didn’t know wether it is romantic or because of economic reasons.

In our car, Mom insisted to have the front seat.  After woke up around 2:00 AM and went to the rest room,  I found out Mom already occupied my place and was at the back.  It was good because at least for half of the night she had a better bed 🙂

Wow, both of us survived the night and felt pretty good next morning with stiffness everywhere.  Above all, we just saved one night lodging expenses.  But, I really didn’t know how we made it all the way like this.  Roadside Hilton is the way to go.  Mom already decides to spend ~$150 on shopping.

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