Preparation Work for the New Addition

Preparation work for the new addition continues…, but almost done.  Picture 1 shows our neighbor’s alumina post.  We just left inside our fence.  This is much easier for both of us.

Picture 2 shows the view from the front.  This fence, with three solar lights, is an extension to the fence in between our house.  The reason for this fence to hide the view our next neighbor’s junk car and other messing stuff.

Picture 3 shows the retention wall that we built.  Two gate posts are the the right.  The new fence in the front is newly erected.  The three-post screen was also temporarily erected there.  After the completion of the new addition, it will be moved back to master bedroom windows.

Picture 4 depicts the new fence which is ~ one foot to the left of the old ones on the stand-alone fence.

At this point, preparation work for the new addition is almost done with minor stuffs left.

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