Friday afternoon, Vince comes home from school asking for a sleepover. I think sleepovers need a little more than 24 hour notice, but somehow we got a bunch of his friends to come over on Saturday night.  At some point after Edda fell asleep at 8 pm and when we rustled the boys up to bed at 10 pm, Jeremy and I were hiding in our room upstairs because the first floor was just so, so loud with shouts and foot stomping.  I love how much fun Vince and his friends have during sleepovers; everyone gets along great, but I hate that everyone cranky and pissy the next day from not getting enough sleep and I hate handing back the kids to their parents the next day in that state. So I did the unpopular mom thing and basically turned off the lights at 10:30 pm and sat in the room until all the kids were snoring.  Actually, I waiting until all the kids were snoring except Vince who at 11 pm, was still rustling in his sleeping bag asking for ice packs (?).   I also told them that if they woke up any earlier than 7 am, they were not allowed to leave their sleeping bags or talk to each other or play any sort of electronic game.  I think it meant that they actually got at least 6 hours worth of sleep which is what I consider to be the minimum amount of sleep a person can get and still be functional the next day.

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