Rainy day.


Yesterday, I spent 13.5 miles of the day outside.  I walked the dogs, I ran, I biked back and forth to class and finally a ran a little bit with Vince.  I would have never believed that I could pack 13.5 miles of outside time on a day that I both worked and went to school – but there you have it.  I’m not sure when it will happen again, but I love being outside in the fall.


Today it just poured all day.  So I spent almost no time outside.  I actually spent the morning at the DMV straightening out car stuff.  And then the rest of the day in my office.



Poor Vince.  Sixth grade can be hard.  It’s time to learn how to actually study.  Not just to get by on what you hear in class, but actually to sit down and figure out how to get it into your head.  I don’t think it’s going to be very pretty – teaching him study skills, it does not play to his natural strengths.  Also, apparently middle school kids get in trouble by possessing such things as e-cigarettes.  Umm, this is certainly a different phase of parenting.


So the half-marathon last weekend was cancelled because of the government shutdown and then rescheduled for November 10th.   So I’m basically going to do the last month of training all over again.  I told Jeremy tonight that I was going to be really mad if I do all this running again and if come November 10th, the government is still shut down I would have prepared to run 13.1 miles twice for nothing.  Jeremy reminded me that by then, I probably will be more mad that I’m not getting paid.  He’s totally right.

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