Sleepless nights.


Vince has decided that he wants to join in on working out.  Last night, right before dinner, I laced up my running shoes and Vince put on a pair of my old running shoes (we have almost the same sized feet) and we ran a mile around the neighborhood.  And this morning, he and Jeremy did one round of the 7-minute workout just before he left for school.  Jeremy’s heels have prevented him from running for a long time now, but maybe he’ll start running slowly with Vince.  Jeremy even mentioned that maybe we should go to the track on the weekend – what kind of crazy are we?  I told Jeremy that if we all end up the track on the weekend to workout, that I get to push Edda in her stroller.


I’ve not been sleeping well for a few months now.  Generally the clock hits 4 am and I’m up and awake, but I do try and go back to sleep for a couple of hours.  Last two nights, I wake up and before I open my eyes, I hope that the clock reads 3 or 4 am, but when I turn around, it reads 11:30 pm.  I can’t believe I’m having my first bout of insomnia of the night before many people I know even go to bed.  Where is the Lee sleeping gene?  We are famous for being able to sleep anywhere, anytime.  Yet, somehow I have misplaced it.


Gene and Bette, Jeremy’s aunt and uncle, are getting ready to downsize.  So I got some jewelry that Bette is getting rid of.  Apparently, some of them are Sylvia’s.  Anyone recognize them?


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  1. You hang in there with the sleeping thing. I go in phases and finally started taking some melotonin and reading Mark Twains autobiography Vol.1 (which should put anyone tos sleep). Way to go by working out as a family. Especially you Vince. I try to run but alas my knees are not as cooperative as my spirit. That turquoise triangle thing is looking pretty good!

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