It’s so summer-like here.  Had to turn on the air conditioning today.  I even got to go swimming in a 50m outdoor pool today.  Usually I go swimming mid-week where the pool is filled with older Chinese ladies doing the breaststroke (like my mom!).  Today, on Saturday afternoon, all the triathletes are out in full force with their wet suits.  I haven’t been swimming in so long, I forget all the things I have to bring which put me at a severe disadvantage to all those triathletes.


Jeremy spent the afternoon learning to solder.  We seem to go through a million and a half headphones by damaging the jack.  The headphones are attached to their various devices and somehow the headphones get pulled and the device remains in the same spot so the jack gets bent.  Thank goodness we haven’t bent any inside our iPad/iPhones/computers (yet). So instead of replacing the whole headphone, Jeremy is learning to solder to just replace the jack.  Apparently the fine art of soldering is becoming a lost skill – today’s electrical engineers can go through their whole training without properly learning how to solder.  So I guess Jeremy is learning to be an electrical engineer?  The jack is $5, the headphones are $15.  I’m not exactly sure this is worth the effort, but it seems to entertain Jeremy.



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