Walking in the dark.


My morning walks are getting darker and darker.


I really want to see Gravity, the new movie with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.  All the reviewers are saying that you really need to see it on the largest 3D Imax theater that you can find.  I think I’ll see it in a few months on my little iPhone screen.


Speaking of iPhones, Vince needs to get a phone this year.  I told him long ago that he wouldn’t be the first of his friends to have a phone, nor would he be the last.  Well, it’s looking like he’s going to be one of the last holdouts.  He’s so much more independent now, I’d like him to have the freedom just to text me where he is at any one moment.  Jeremy is in technology heaven trying to figure out what phones to get, what service to sign up for, when to change over.  He’s very happy and he’s telling me all about it.  I don’t understand much of it.


Edda did not get sick today – but she seems a little bit off.  Not hungry at dinner, wanting to go to bed a little earlier.  I need to start putting together her Halloween costume, she’s going to be Supergirl this year, I already have the bright red boots, just need to pull together the outfit and the cape.  Vince is suppose to be the “Operation” game, but I haven’t started working on it and I don’t really have the energy.  I told him he needed to take the lead on it and if it was done, I’d pull him out of school early to go to Edda’s class and help out at the elementary school’s Halloween party.

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