Wilmington, DE

Road trip this weekend. We left DC Friday afternoon after school. Picked Vince up from his first middle school dance (he reported that the boys just ran around and the girls were on their phones and the big difference between middle school dances and elementary school dances is the absence of parents) and headed to Wilmington, DE. to visit our friends Yushan and Shaocong.  The last time we visited them was on their son’s David’s actual birth-day.  Somehow our visit to their house in Riverside, CA coincided exactly with Shaocong going into labor and they still insisted that we come and visit. It’s nice to see David now eight years later.


It’s fun to talk to Yushan and Shaocong because as they are first generation Chinese immigrants with a 16-year-old totally-Americanized teenage daughter who was just learning to walk at our wedding – it’s kind of like talking to a version of my own parents when I was 16.  Shaocong even pulled out the exact thing my parents said to me when I was 16 which was that – compared to all the other Chinese parents we know, we are the most lenient and accommodating, the least like tiger parents and so therefore, you are one of the luckiest ABCs around.   Maybe all Chinese parents think that of themselves?  Of course, we talked about getting into colleges and which of the professional schools (JD, MD or MBA) is the most lucrative to pursue. 

Vince and David got along smashingly.  Nothing like the common language of video games to keep everyone entertained.


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