Celebrated my mom’s 72nd birthday at our go-to celebration place, Founding Farmers.  I’m so please that, for at least 6 months out of the year, I live so close to my parents that we can celebrate together like this. 


We ordered way too much food and drink.  Lots of it is now sitting in the fridge waiting to become my lunch – I love leftovers.


3 thoughts on “72.”

  1. Every time, when I look at Rena closely in front of her face, she always asks "what are you looking at?". I always say that "Oh, you know you are pretty but I just find several more wrinkles on your face. See, here and there. And you are pretty senior too, you know?". She smiles and replies "Look at yourself,you have more. Besides, your neck looks like a turkey neck."

    In my native tongues (a Chinese dialogue), they call husband and wife as "hand-in-hand". Literally means "walking together, hand-in-hand". How true it is!

    Well, again, Happy Birthday to Rena and, just too bad, Donald wasn't around to enjoy the family dinner with us. But, there is always "a next time".

  2. By the way, I thought I am old and can't find my cell all the time. However, during our dinner time, I discovered that even Vincent couldn't find his. What a relieve, at lease age-wise 🙂

  3. Oh again, I love steak. During dinner, I ordered premium steak of 10 ounces. But, Rena asked me to order 14 ounces instead. Save half of them 7 ounces for her other two grand kids at home – Ruby & Maxx.

    After dinning and back to Doris' place, Rena immediately prepared two special dishes for Ruby & Maxx. I guess both love their grand mom too, especially Ruby.

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