Let the wild rumpus begin!


Last night, Vince asked to be woken up at 6 am this morning in order to be at school at 7:10 am to check out some in-demand books at the library (really?  there’s a run on a particular title in middle school?  this isn’t some sort of justin beiber concert ticket scenario).  This is a full 45 minutes earlier than he usually shows up to school.  So this morning, I dutifully go in at 6 am and shake him awake.  He takes one one-sleepy-eyed look at me and says that he’s going to abandon his ambitious early plan in favor of further cultivating his impressive-looking bed head.


The thanksgiving festivities have started – Kiki showed up late this afternoon as our first house guest.  I love that it feels like a Friday and it’s only Tuesday! In her honor (really, in my last minute haste), we ordered pizza which Edda loved – Edda loves all the foods.  As I’m still having difficulty recognizing my own husband after the removal of all his facial hair, I asked Kiki if she still recognized her own son.  She said that he looks just like he did in high school, just with less hair.  Well. Thank goodness someone recognizes Jeremy.



I have managed to somehow subconsciously or unconsciously sprain my ankle.  Can you tell which one? Oh, I think it’s a pretty mild sprain but looking at the picture now I think it’s pretty clear you can tell it’s my right ankle.  I ran entirely too much last week.  Chalk it up to unabashed exuberance and totally stupidity.  And I could tell that I wore myself out on my run on Monday because it felt like I was dragging a small, whiny toddler behind me the whole way.  But I finished my run on Monday just fine (all steps sure-footed) and went home telling myself that I needed a couple of days off to just rest – but all my parts felt just fine.  So today – no running, no nothing – just eating (well, there was also working, but that’s not as much fun as eating).  But by 4 pm, there was no denying that the inside of my right ankle was swollen and tender.  Did I screw it up on the last run?  Did I trip over some loose gravel in the driveway this morning?  I have no idea. Now my brother is going to totally kick my ass in the Turkey Burnoff on Saturday.  Crap.


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