We Have Visitor(s) or Roommate(s)?

Last night, while watching TV, we noticed some funny sound from the ceiling.  It has been on-and-off for a while.  I decided to go up to the attic and had a look.  When I was there,  in addition to the attic light, a small hand-held spot light was used, I saw a cute Raccoon stared at me.  He (she) eyes were pretty shiny.  It is really chunky – may be pregnant?  After I used sticks to choose him, he hided into a hole.  Afterward, I sealed that hole with steel wires as a temporarily fix.

For long term fix, I will be a ad hoc trapper.  I have ordered a raccoon trap and it will arrive by Friday.  I also bought some marshmallows and a tuna fish can.  Those marshmallows will be put into the can which being tied to the raccoon trap far back bottom.  And hopefully, I will trap some raccoon(s) soon.

Stay tune 🙂

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