Thanksgiving 2013.


Late Wed afternoon, after the rental tables/chairs/plates had been delivered, set up and decorated with paper accordion turkeys, Jeremy came upstairs and lay down in bed.  He looked at me and said that he was finally admitting to himself that he was getting sick.  I panicked a little.  Thirty people were coming to the house and I don’t really know how to cook anything (fish sticks and spaghetti are my specialties).  Jeremy assured me that he was going to feel better – he took a  Motrin and we both went to bed at 8:15.  At 7 am, Jeremy was still in bed feeling lousy – I looked at the turkeys with a sinking feeling in my stomach.  I had to call in back-up – my mom for the ham, and Eric to come to the house early and cook the turkeys for me.  Almost everything else, people brought, so Thanksgiving – food wise – was fantastic without any of the guests noticing that anything was amiss.

So Jeremy was sick and Edda was pissed.  During the early afternoon, as the guests were arriving, Edda was stomping around the room yelling her head off and crying a little bit.  So then I had to retreat upstairs with Edda to her room, so she could have some space to herself.  So we hosted Thanksgiving for 30 people where for a certain non-insubstantial stretch of time, there were no hosts actually present at the party.  I think it might have been a first for us, but with 27 people downstairs, we could leave them to their own devices I suppose.

Other than that, it was a lovely evening, we skyped with the Swedish branch of the family – here’s Ben and Felix.


And our crazy re-arranged house and the food!  So much food!



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