@ Midnight, Mom -> Airport to Pickup Donald

Yesterday, Mom went with me to the airport to pickup Donald @midnight around 12:20 PM.  Usually, 99 out of 100, Mom would not like to venture out after 10:00 PM.  And knowing her sleeping habits as well as today’s (Thanksgiving) busy schedules, I would not like her to do so either.

But, of course for her, Doris & Donald are exceptions.  After picking him up and arriving home around 01:30 AM, I went to bed right away.   Of course, that late at night, Donald didn’t accept Mom’s offer to cook something for him.  But, they kept talking to each other pretty long.  That was another unusual too.

This morning, I woke up for a while and they are still sleeping.  And I guess, next Monday very early morning, Mom will certainly take Donald back to the airport again when he is leaving for SF.  That would be the third “very unusual” in a row.

I am sure all the Mom in the world act the same – tiger Mom or not, doesn’t matter too much.

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