Back from Gila, NM

We just got back from Katherine’s off-the-grid dream house in New Mexico.  Even though I felt like this before we left:

I had the most wonderful, relaxing time.  99% of my vacations, I’m so ready to come home on the last day, but this vacation, I could have stayed out there another week easily.  Actually, the whole experience made me kind of wish I was a famous, reclusive, family-free author in which I could split my time between my apt in Brooklyn and this house in New Mexico and just write all day.   That’ll just have to be another life.  I’m hoping of all the after-life scenarios that reincarnation wins out because there is simply not enough time to do all the interesting things.  I promise promise to work on my subject/verb agreement issues and really, learn, how to use, commas, in the, famous author life.

In my defense about not being excited about this vacation, I present the following pre-vacation facts: 1.  800 sq foot, 1 room house – 7 people and there is no making Edda sleep past 4:30/5 am,  2. composting toilet in which you do your business and then pour sawdust over any deposit, 3. – the mattresses that were ordered had not yet been delivered and thus we were to bring our sleeping bags/pads, 4. got a heads-up email from Katherine that the house was cold – probably 62 degrees and finally 5. the source of heat was a wood stove which I imagined I would have to guard Edda from its insanely hot surface every 15 seconds.

So it was with that lack of enthusiasm that we boarded our flight to Albuquerque.

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