Driving to Gila.

After arriving in Albuquerque, we still had to drive another 5 hours in our rented and slightly dented Chevy Impala.  We were all a little grumpy.  Vince especially in hour 5 of the drive when Jeremy and I insisted on singing One Direction songs at the top of our lungs.

Then we inflated our air mattresses (bought last minute at Target – thank god for small miracles and last minute good decisions) and went to sleep.

As predicted, Edda woke up at 4 am, started making noise (which everyone was a very good sport about and as we all suffer a little from insomnia or not sleeping that well anyways from sleeping on the hard floor (we rotated spots on the air mattresses) was not really that big of a deal) – we all woke up to see the sunrise outside.

And got to admire the house in the morning daylight. Food! Coffee! All nice things.

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