The rest of the vacation.

So I’m just going to document the rest of the vacation because I don’t actually like blogging about the past too much – I like documenting day by day and I’m talking about stuff that went on days ago. We brought ornaments from our mad dash to Target and Katherine found a branch and we had our Christmas tree.

Edda’s daily walk – weather was beautiful each day – we are in front of the Gila River, the last undammed river in the West(?)

Christmas Eve dinner – brussel sprouts and other things that were not as photogenic.

Christmas morning run with Bob. I’m so impressed – we are at 5000 ft elevation – he ran 4 miles with me at a good clip.

Christmas stollen:

Wi-fi! Streaming youtube.

Boxing day housewarming party – all the neighbors and folks who helped with the construction of the house.

Donkey rides (with the donkey RUNNING AT FULL SPEED) with the neighborhood kids – another good thing I didn’t plan on, there was an 11 year old boy about a mile down the road. There were playdates EVERYDAY for Vince – most included a donkey ride.

Edda’s donkey ride. She is not well camouflaged.

Last day – last hike. Edda is not impressed.

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