Edda’s IEP meeting

We had Edda’s IEP meeting today where we set goals for her for next year. I really love all the people who work with Edda, they really do a lot with her and expose her to so much stuff that we really aren’t able to do here at home. It’s hard to go to these meetings sometimes. It’s been a long time since Edda’s diagnosis, so I’ve been to a lot of these meetings and even though everyone is very professional and very nice and encouraging and we know all these people because Edda’s been at the same school since kindergarden, it can be disheartening to hear that she’s working on going up and down stairs, that she’s trying to master picking from a field of three choices or trying to group objects with similar patterns. And even though she’s working on all this stuff, it’s hard to really know if she really knows.

Anyways, all the teachers really enjoy having Edda in the classroom and they are all enthusiastically trying to figure out ways to bring the best out of Edda, so I figure it’s all good. A few years ago, I felt that I was attending these meeting by myself – without Jeremy. These meetings are scheduled months in advanced and maybe Jeremy just happened to go on a last-minute business trip or something and I was loathe to reschedule them because like 9 people from all over the county need to be there – those solo meetings can be tough for me. But now, Jeremy really makes it a priority to come to these meetings, he’s the optimist, so usually he can keep my spirits up.


My big goal for the weekend? Folding laundry. I’m pretty good at the washer/dryer part. But the folding part – that I’m really bad at.

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  1. The one thing public school teachers do so well is caring for the special needs kids. Those teachers are so lucky to have her and you and vice versa.

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