This past year or so, Donald and I (after decades of not really talking to each other very much, not that we dislike each other or anything, it’s just that we never really made the effort) have started Facetime-ing pretty much every weekend. (Although I’m switching to an non-Apple phone in April, so we’ll have to figure out something else then…) This past weekend, he called at 4pm EST and told me he was just getting up in CA. I had already been up almost 12 hours.  Of course, the great pleasure of talking every week is that you actually get somewhere in the conversation – you don’t have to spend time on the beginning pleasantries. 

I always thought that Donald and I had similar thought processes, but apparently, he’s much more wants-to-know-how-things-work driven than I am.  For example, I don’t really care how a car works, but if I had to, I could figure out how to take it apart and fix it and put it back together.  Donald likes to know how a car works in order, let’s say, to drive stick shift better.  I think I give myself more credit than I should about being handy, mainly because I’ve married into kind of a non-handy family.  Which reminds me that I need to fix the kitchen sink soon.

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