Headed into deep freeze.

The arctic blast is headed our way tonight. We’ll see how cold it gets here. It’ll get cold, but not as cold as a lot of the country.

Vince had to write an adventure story for school tomorrow. He is so handicapped by his slow handwriting, poor spelling/punctuation ability and slow typing speed. The rough draft which he worked on at school was maybe eight sentences long – a lot of them unreadable as many of the words are misspelled and everything is more poorly punctuated than this blog. As soon as I volunteered to be his typist, a whole, fully formed wonderful story with metaphors and plots twists and details spills from his mouth. I handled all the spelling and punctuation. Since he didn’t have to worry about punctuation, all this funny and complicated dialog between the characters appeared (dialog is the worst thing for Vince to punctuate correctly or anyone for that matter). Is writing the direct act of putting pencil to paper or finger to keyboard? Or is it the actual story buried beneath the mechanics? I’m hoping that the story is the most important part and that the mechanics will catch up sooner or later – either by Vince getting better at typing or computers better at editing.

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