Re-arrange Garage

Today is a bitter cold day.  However, this morning, I had to drive Rena to have a mammogram and a sonogram done as part of her annual physical.  Afterward, doctors said that “everything is fine.”
With respect to garage, ours is a two-car garage.  The red car, a vibe, is always in the storage insurance policy (not driven) and parks on the right, closed to the entrance. The white one, a CR-V, is used all the time when we are back to Washington DC area. 
The first picture shows the newly installed spot light, for the work bench, plugged in to a newly installed wall socket (on the right with the white wire, behind the box) which connected to the “Study Room” wiring on the other side of the wall.  The mirror and the red ball are for easy parking.
The second picture shows the rack that I just installed for Mom to hang her seasoned chicken parts for drying during the Winter time.  It is very delicious and tasty.  Before installing this rack, however, I have to move the existing soda shelf to the back wall in order to make room for this dried-chicken rack.
I will work on other garage re-arrangements later on.

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