Edda is sick. Maybe?

Edda got sent home from school today. Generally she’s been doing a lot better, lots of smiles and laughter which has made the rest of us happy too. But I think she caught the bug that Jeremy’s had for the past few days – no fever, just a little touch of hoarseness in her voice.

We are getting ready to celebrate her birthday with our 2nd annual pancake breakfast. Emy helped us make the invitations. We are trying to get 100 people to stop by the house.

I learned to hang an IV bag today. And give a morphine injection. (!)

2 thoughts on “Edda is sick. Maybe?”

  1. I will be Washington DC home for Edda's birthday celebration, from March 21st and 23rd.

    After Edda's party, Rena is going to fly to the west coast on March 25th, for the rest of the year until November.

  2. Oh, next weekend I am coming home too. It is about 520 miles one way, from Oak Ridge, TN to Gaithersburg, MD.

    I will be there from Friday to Sunday.

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