Nursing school –

Edda seemed better today – at home at least, school reported sadness and crying. Sigh. Thanks for sending all your happy vibes to her – she needs it!

I wish someone told me 30 years ago that it’s pretty much half as much work to aim for a “B” in a class than trying to get an “A”. There really is only so much time in a day and I’m enjoying school so much more now that I write a 3 page paper in 30 min – proofread it for 30-60 seconds and then hit SEND! Or I have to perform a skill – wound change, blood pressure measurement, etc. I prep for 30 min and then just do it (and I usually sign up for the first slot of the test cycle, no one is fighting me for that space). It feels like I’m so underprepared, but I’m doing just fine. It’s also a relief to hear from the prof that last term, out of the 150 in her class, only 10 people got “A”s. So I’m not fighting for that “A”, I have other stuff that I need to do. All that time in my youth I spent getting the last 5 points of my grade. I could have been out there having a beer and watching football instead.

My kick-ass assessment lab professor. NP in the ER. Seems totally exhausted all the time (note fully sugared Mountain Dew in hand) – I want to be her, but less exhausted.

All of nursing school is worth it now that I’ve learned how to use the damn ear scope. Now maybe I can check Edda’s ear for infection without hauling her to the pediatrician.

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