Look at this beautiful photo of turnips my friend Lauren took at the farmer’s market yesterday. Turnips are so pretty…

Our household computer system is a little broken. Everything works – kind of. Jeremy’s starting to be a little obsessed with trying to fix it. He’s up past his bedtime trying to figure out the configuration of the wireless network. I’m listening to a lot of talk about routers. This past weekend I also took a look at the kitchen sink and a bunch of the piping is corroded because I let the leak go on a little too long, so I might have to replace the whole faucet. I didn’t take it apart because once I start, there is really no way to stop because we can’t really have the kitchen sink not work for weeks while I dither around trying to figure out what to buy at Home Depot. So in the next few weeks, the internet in the house might go down as well as the kitchen sink. Our productivity might take a dive.

Really, I’m just going on and on about the wireless and the kitchen sink because I think Edda’s back on her crying jag. After a year or so of being so wonderfully and blissfully happy – just laughing and smiling at everything we did – Edda seems to be back to crying for entire afternoons. We try to do for her all the things she loves, Jeremy cooks and feeds her all her favorite things. I think she’s tired and I try to put her to bed all hours of the day. Nat takes her out in the snowy weather for a walk and some fresh air. We set up three screens for her, a TV, an iPhone and and iPad all showing different shows that she loves. We give her Tylenol or Motrin when we’ve run out of ideas. Nothing works. And it’s incredibly sad and frustrating to hear her cry and cry for a long, long time. But then after a few hours, she seems to calm down and be fine. I’m a little resigned that it’s another mood that will be unknowable and unsolvable that will last for months. Jeremy thinks her mood will only last for today and that tomorrow is a new day and maybe it’ll be a great day for Edda.

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