Happy Birthday, Edda

Happy Birthday, Edda, from Grand Mom and Pa, rena & noel.

While waiting my flight back to Oak Ridge, TN & sitting at a small round table, having my dinner with chicken salad at the National Airport of Washington DC, there are a lot of things taking off and coming back down through my mind.  When gradually settling down, I wish Edda has a wonderful birthday.

I guess I know Edda better than she knows me.  But, it may be not. Who really knows?  It is hard to say in which way it really is.

This morning, Rena went shopping for Edda dresses at Macy’s.  And she is not too sure about her sizes. Next time, I definitively will take Edda shopping with Rena.  So, we will make sure the dresses will fit and also enjoy her companionship.


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