Edda’s pancake breakfast.

Ten thousand people at the house. OK, really more like 140 people at the house. Our 2nd annual birthday pancake breakfast was a huge success. So many people came to the house to celebrate Edda’s tenth birthday. It was overwheming and beautiful and touching and a perfect way to celebrate Edda’s birthday. I can’t believe Edda is 10. She was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome 8 years ago and I thought I would never be happy again. But here we are, not so many years later and we are just motoring along, doing all the crazy stuff we are doing and having a lot of fun.  

Our family did not implode like I thought it might. We did not stop having fun together like I thought we might. There have been so many sad birthdays with just us sitting around our little table trying to celebrate Edda’s birthday without feeling too sorry for ourselves (I’m sure I can look back on this blog and find the photos I posted of those times, but I’m not going to). But sitting in the middle of that party yesterday, I was just so happy and grateful that we turned what had been such a traditionally hard day for us into something that just made my heart burst with joy and happiness.

My mom cooked 25 pounds of bacon.

Jeremy made 500 pancakes.

Turned our house into a cafeteria.

All the grandparents came.

A beautiful tiered birthday cake and tiara.

And Warren, the pizza guy, and his sidekick, Harry, made it the best party ever!

Rett Syndrome, you can kiss my ass.

7 thoughts on “Edda’s pancake breakfast.”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of you but especially Edda. I thought about calling and then thought better of it and after seeing "five hundred pancakes and 25 lbs of bacon", well that is just amazing! I miss you guys.
    Edda and Vince and the entire world are better because of you.

  2. Doris, this brought tears to my eyes. It's so beautiful to see all of you together, your words about living life and so many people coming over to celebrate Edda. I love it. –Emy

  3. Thank you Doris for this and thank you Emy for reminding me to check the blog. In Budapest for work and fighting my instinct to cry (I am out in the public, after all). You guys are amazing, and we have so much to learn from you as we are facing our own particular family challenges right now. xoxo Johanna

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