Edda’s well check up.

Today I took Edda to her well check-up.  Neither Edda nor Vince had been to the office for the full year between last year’s well check-up and this year’s.  I’m not sure if that makes me a terrible mother because I refuse to take them in when they feel bad for a day or two or if it means that my kids are so super healthy and I should be grateful.  I think I tend towards the grateful side.   Grateful that I have healthy kids (except for the underlying Rett Syndrome, of course).

Again, the student doctor was there and I had a nice time telling him about Rett Syndrome.  He, of course, had never seen a clinical case, so it was an interesting conversation.  Told him how mildly affected Edda was, in the grand scheme of things, how lucky we are that she’s so healthy.  But also acknowledging that it’s a severe disability and that she requires care in all aspects of daily living.  

Edda got no vaccines this time.  Just a very thorough assessment because it’s interesting to do.  The only assessment that I thought was interesting to note is her small head size.  So we measured it.  But they don’t generally chart head size for a 10 year old, so the information wasn’t really useful.

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