Monthly Trip Home With Water Leak

This past weekend, I took the first monthly trip home back to the west, to Washougal, WA.  When Rena arrived there a week earlier, she noticed that the backyard faucet was leaking when turned on.  When turned off, everything seemed okay.

After closely exam the faucet when has a 9″ stem to stop the water, it actually leaks when turned off.  Just the leak isn’t too bad.  No one notices that.  But, when going into the crawl space underneath the floor, water puddles on the plastic sheets are everywhere.  Since backyard water is needed to water the flowers, veggies, etc., there, I decided to take the faucet apart and rebuild it.

After two hours of work, it was temporarily fixed with a new stem pipe a bit too long.  I will come back in June to rebuild it again.  In May, we are taking off to Turkey from LA.  But, right now, it worked partially with a new stop valve being installed.  No leak and it is workable.

After that, I trimmed the front yard trees and shrubs to make it prettier.  Today, I am flying back to Oak Ridge, TN with a luggage full of food that Rena cooked.  Great! 

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