A Interesting Conversation @ Bojo’s

Bojo is a local fast food restaurant.  One day, I ordered a senior coffee with two pieces of fried chickens and sat there enjoying my meal and browsing the internet.  There was a high school girl working there part time also having her meal there.  Evidently, Bojo offers free meals for their workers.  She had a lot on her plate, one could imagine.

The restaurant is very clean and has a lot of spaces which I enjoy the most, besides their fast food.  Since just two of us there and at odd hours (3:00 PM in the afternoon), she looked at me, a yellow-skinned, probably well-educated (?) old fellow. and guessing I work at Y12 complex (a part of Oak Ridge National Lab). We started to strike a conversation which, eventually, lasted more than 30 minutes.

Surprisingly, we covered a lot of topics.  Among many other things, we covered how to handle money, how to accumulate wealth for future growth, how to mange personal and co-worker’s relationships, how to get into higher education, even how to pick future partner.  She is about 14 or 15.  And I was surprised she is interested in all these things early on, especially at her age.  One thing for sure, she is not coming from well-to-do middle-middle class family or above because those kids probably just bury themselves on iPhone, i…, etc.  They probably don’t bother to work at minimum wage level.  Or just working in order to have better resume to get into some elite colleges.  I am sure she isn’t going out to save the World but herself.  This makes her even more sweeter, I think.

Since I have no body voluntarily ask me about all these things almost forever, I didn’t hold back to tell her all my point of views and experience.  But, of course, I did emphasize to her several times that all I said was just based on experience.  Some of them, may be entirely off the mark, even they are categorical wrong.

With my humble background carried an empty stomach all the time as a kid as well as with Rena’s experience as a youngster attending one-classroom school, I hope our experience and knowledge can help to boost her upward mobility a bit.

After our conversation, she said thanks.  Sitting here at different time and place, I wish her all the best, whole heartily.

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