Pulled pork.

Vince hosted his first dinner party tonight.  He needed to plan and cook a meal for one of his scouting badges and he picked tonight to pull it off.  He wanted to make pulled pork BBQ sandwiches.  He cooked pork in the slow cooker all day.  Then he made coleslaw with bacon for a side.  There was also brussel sprouts, roasted carrots and a salad.

Vince invited Seth and Christine (who are living in our basement during their home remodel).  We talked about all our junior high experiences.

3 thoughts on “Pulled pork.”

  1. Next time, when grand mom and pa come back. You can host a dinner for us too 🙂

    You definitely don't inherit too much of genes on cooking. That is good too.

    Sometimes, your grand pa can be really stubborn.

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